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Why Possums Hate Leaf Stopper

Hervey Bay = Possums In Roof

In Hervey Bay possums in the roof are as common as having cars in the garage. While we do love our cute furry little natives (from a distance), if they take a liking to your roof they can become a big problem. Once you’ve unwittingly invited this protected local into your home they’re very territorial and can be tricky to remove and keep out. Possum roof shenanigans are the reason this adorable Aussie marsupial has earned the title…PEST.

How Do Possums Get in Your Roof?

Some possum species only need a golf ball sized entry point to squeeze into your roof cavity, and a favourite entry point is via your guttering. Trees and overhanging branches serve as a possum highway, and once inside your roof they make themselves known by creating a noisy ruckus, and causing immense damage to your most prized asset.

Damage Possums Can do to Your Roof

In addition to you being regularly jolted awake by the crashing, bashing, screeching and scraping sounds of a wild possum party, they’re known to cause costly destruction within your ceiling cavity. For a small animal these creatures urinate excessively, and it stinks. The distinctive pungent possum aroma is never a welcome fragrance, and has been known to damage ceiling materials. Possums have been spotted pulling off roof tiles to create more access points when they forget where the front door is, and like to redecorate using your insulation and anything else they can find. When they get tired of making a mess of your wiring and ductwork they have a tendency to eat whatever is in sight.

Being rather enthusiastic and excitable in nature, possums like to multiply your problems by carrying up to three joeys at a time over their 6 to 11 year lifespan. Following that, they will die in the comfort of their home in your roof and leave you the parting gift of their everlasting scent of decomposition.

If you’re facing a future of damage and disharmony with your unwelcome furry roommates, we can offer a solution.

Leaf Stopper the Possum Stopper

As Hervey Bay Leaf Stopper installers we receive many complaints from disgruntled possums, rats, snakes and birds.

Dear Homeowner,

For the life of me I can’t figure out why you’re so happy with this new Leaf Stopper gutter guard system you’ve had installed. It has completely blocked our access to your roof cavity. It’s impenetrable! Even rat can’t get through it.

Sadly we can no longer chew your wiring, leave gifts of rancid urine and droppings OR relocate your insulation for you. I hope you’ll miss hearing our screeching baby elephant impersonations in the roof all night long.


From Possum

The Leaf Stopper Gutter Guard System not only expertly keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters, it’s a proven roof-nesting possum combatant. Made of heavy duty aluminium and perfect for both tile and steel roofing, Leaf Stopper is securely fastened with trimlets and screwed, not glued, to the gutter edge. This ensures the installation will last much longer than the living years of any possum, and add long-term value to your home. Backed by a 15 year warranty and 100% Australian owned and made with our wildlife in mind, the innovative design helps you possum-proof your gutters and protect your home.

If you’re one of the thousands of Hervey Bay locals experiencing pesky possum problems, get in touch with Keegan for a FREE appraisal and quote to keep your gutters clean and clear, and your roof cavity pest free.

As far as deterring possums from allnighters dancing the nutbush on the top of your roof as you’re trying to doze…we haven’t yet solved that one. Perhaps ear plugs are your answer there.

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