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Leaf Stopper

After trialling many systems, choosing Leaf Stopper as our preferred
gutter protection was a no-brainer. We found Leaf Stopper the superior
product for a variety of reasons.


100% Australian owned family business developed by Richard Jelacic with over 25 years experience in the building and metal manufacturing industry. Leaf Stopper is made for our harsh climate and unique property architecture.

Made to last

Made of heavy duty aluminium suited to many applications and very compatible Colorbond steel. It will not burn or corrode and is perfect for both tile and steel roofing. Did we mention it’s backed by a 15 year warranty?

Bushfire Protection

In addition to reducing fire risk by keeping your gutters clear of leaves and debris, Leaf Stopper is fire retardant and can actually protect your property in the event of a bushfire. CSIRO tested and certified with a Fire Rating Flame Index of zero, Leaf Stopper provides an extra layer of protection in an ember attack scenario.

Looks Fantastic

Available in a wide variety of colours or with custom colour variations, we can match a Leaf Stopper system to any roof. A High quality product with seamless professional installation dresses any roof with a clean and attractive finish.

Effective Innovative design

What’s the point in protecting your gutters if leaves and debris can still clump in your valleys? Leaf Stopper covers valleys and gutters, and their award-winning ski-slope system ensures leaves blow away rather than become a problem on another part of your roof.

Secure installation

Leaf Stopper’s patented ‘trimlets’ allow the mesh to be fastened safely, efficiently and securely to the gutter edge. It is screwed firmly into position – not glued, so the installation will last and add long term value to your home.

Easy ongoing maintenance

For fuss-free easy ongoing maintenance we highly recommend installing EasyAc’s for quick access to downpipes and gutters.

The best choice for you is the best choice for us.

Our customers love their Leaf Stopper system. As one of the first aluminium gutter guard products of its type in Australia, they have carefully researched over many years the best elements for the perfect solution that you can trust. Their strong history and great reputation speaks for itself.

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