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DIY Gutter Guard Installation

Considering DIY gutter guard installation on your Fraser Coast home? Great idea! You’re on your way to better maintaining your home and saying goodbye to blocked gutters for good! Our happy customers rave about our Leaf Stopper gutter guard system. Being leafless will leave you speechless.

Although we’re Fraser Coast installers, we’re happy to provide you with the great Leaf Stopper product and a bunch of helpful tips if you’d prefer DIY gutter guard installation. It’s important to keep in mind not all gutter protection systems are equal. Here’s our advice on the benefits of gutter protection, the system we find works best for Hervey Bay homes, and how to go about DIY install.

Installing gutter protection on your Hervey Bay Home is a wise choice

Our climate throws a lot at our poor roof and guttering throughout the year. We cop the harsh QLD sun, and we’re at the mercy of bushfires, storms and cyclones. If that’s not enough, an abundance of native wildlife love to take refuge in our roof cavity if given the chance.

Not only are blocked gutters unsightly (and annoying) they can be a hazard and cause costly damage to your home. Don’t get caught off guard.  

  • Damage to roof paint from excess leaves and debris
  • Soffits can become damaged and may require replacement
  • Overflow of rain in downpours can wind up in your roof cavity or erode paths, driveways and gardens
  • A build up of dry leaves in your gutters is a serious fire hazard

The best DIY Gutter Protection System For Hervey Bay

Choosing the right gutter protection system is integral to its longevity and success! We know Hervey Bay roofs well, and we tested just about every high quality gutter protection system on the market before settling on the unique features Leaf Stopper gutter guard has to offer.

Long Lasting

Leaf Stopper mesh is screwed in place rather than glued. This ensures the installation will last, and you can still easily access your gutters if you need to, without causing damage to your roof. Backed by a 15 year warranty, you have the peace of mind your quality gutter protection system will last.

Easy Maintenance

Guarded gutters still need maintaining. Hosing your gutters through the mesh can be awkward. With Leaf Stopper you have the option of installing one, or a number of EasyAc panels for quick gutter and downpipe cleaning access. The panels are essentially a small maintenance trap door designed to make your life easier.

Added Protection

Leaf Stopper covers valleys AND gutters. The award-winning ski-slope system stops leaves from becoming a problem on other areas of your roof. Leaf Stopper is also fire retardant. CSIRO tested and certified with a Fire Rating Flame Index of zero, the mesh provides an extra layer of protection in an ember attack scenario.

Secure Installation

You don’t need to be a roofer to install Leaf Stopper; but there is a process involved to achieve a neat and tidy job. The patented ‘trimlets’ enable you to fasten the mesh safely and securely to the gutters edge in the correct position.

100% Australian owned, Leaf Stopper is made for our Fraser Coast climate and unique Australian property architecture.

To DIY or not to DIY?

If you’re very comfortable up on the roof with a drill you should be fine; but remember, your safety is everything. If you have your doubts, professional installation might be best.

There are some scary statistics around ladder falls in our beautiful state. Nearly 5,000 people were hospitalised after falling off ladders over five years! If you’d prefer to stay safely down off the roof we offer an affordable fuss-free installation service. Keegan gets the job done quickly, and safely, with minimal fuss.

By having a registered installer take care of your Leaf Stopper gutter guard installation, you can also order a custom mesh and trim colour to perfectly match your home. But if you opt for DIY, there are still over 20 great Leaf Stopper colours to choose from to suit your tile or colourbond roof.

Whatever your preference we can supply you with the best gutter guard system
and valuable local knowledge and advice.
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