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Be on Guard this Fraser Coast Storm Season

Hervey Bay residents have just participated in the annual storm season clean up, and it’s a timely reminder of what could be brewing in the coming months.

We’ve tidied our yards, gathered supplies and discussed our emergency plans; but have we done everything we can to protect our homes this storm season?

Mother nature is notoriously unpredictable and 2017 proved to be a doozy. Cyclone Debbie was devastating, and we certainly experienced higher than usual volumes of rainfall and storm activity. We saw violent hailstorms, torrential downpours and very destructive winds. Now it’s time to get ready to do it all over again, and it seems the season has kicked off early. Just last month we were already visited by a scary supercell and bucketing rain.

Last year we saw many homeowners who were caught off guard and experienced heartbreaking damage to their homes. It’s a hard road to recovery. To strengthen the resolve of your property this season, paying attention to your roof and guttering system could prove extremely valuable.

Prepare your home for storm season

Check the condition of your roof and guttering before the official onslaught of the season. Any loose tiles, screws or eaves should be repaired or replaced to ensure waterproofing and structural integrity. Trim trees and overhanging branches that have the potential to damage your roof in a storm, and secure any loose items around the house and yard. You don’t want to wait for those ominous warning sirens to inspire you to act.

Gutter maintenance in the Hervey Bay storm season

All gutters and downpipes should be cleared and thoroughly cleaned so water can drain away as quickly and efficiently as possible during a downpour. Blocked gutters are a recipe for disaster in significant rainfall, often allowing water to enter the home.

Not only can rainwater flow back into your ceiling space if your gutters are blocked, you’re at risk of your guttering collapsing under the weight of the excess water. Overflow of excessive rain is known to quickly erode driveways, paths and gardens, leaving you with a big costly mess. It really isn’t worth leaving those leaves.

How can Leaf Stopper gutter protection help prevent damage?

You might start the season with sparkling clean clear gutters; but in the event of a storm that good work can quickly become undone. During a weather event your gutters can again become clogged with debris, leaves and even dead animals…yuck. So you’re back to square one and ill-prepared for the next storm. Unless you plan on cleaning your gutters after every puff of wind, we recommend installing a quality gutter protection system, so you can ride out the season with more confidence.

Leaf Stopper is a unique Australian owned innovative gutter protection system helping tens of thousands of homeowners keep leaves, debris, wildlife and other uninvited gunk out of their gutters and downpipes. This super heavy duty aluminium mesh is not only your best friend in a cyclone or torrential downpour, it is fire retardant and can offer added protection to your property in the event of a bushfire.

Finger’s crossed for a safe Hervey Bay wet season

While we wish everyone an event-free season, it’s not likely. Get your mind in the gutter with professionals with the local knowledge and expertise to help you protect your home. Give yourself a little more peace of mind that your property will be in good shape when it all blows over.

Stay safe and down off that dangerous ladder by contacting us for a FREE inspection, quote, and some friendly local advice. We’re a unique, tight-knit community and helping each other in challenging times is something we do best.

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