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Fraser Coast Gutter Protect is owned and operated by Keegan Foale. Keegan has lived on the beautiful Fraser coast his whole life and wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the years he has seen countless homes impacted by storms, downpours, fire and pesky wildlife in roofs. It always bothered him that many of these costly situations could’ve been avoided.

Keegan began his time on the roof working in the solar business, and with almost every inspection and measure he noted the guttering was chock full of mud and leaves. Some gutters even had seedlings, ferns and trees growing out of them. Many roofs had water damage, and evidence of possums or birds nesting. Often homeowners weren’t even aware of the extent of their guttering woes.

Keegan decided he would seek out a top quality gutter mesh screen that would eliminate the build up of debris, keep snakes, rodents and birds out of the roof, and provide protection in the event of bushfires and storms. He settled on Leaf Stopper – a fire retardant aluminium mesh with a variety of colours to match your roof, and a fantastic 15yr warranty.

Keegan Foale

Keegan Foale


A hard worker and all-round great guy, Keegan is proud to say that every day he gets to help Fraser Coast locals protect their homes, and stay safely down off the ladder.

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